We are expanding our grow your own range to include plant lighting products

Filed Under (Plant Lighting) by Chilli Willy on 21-10-2012

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Chilli Willy has always had a strong focus on “Grow your own”, for example with our widely acclaimed “grow your own naughty looking chillies” range which make fantastic novelty chilli gifts and secret Santa presents.

Lots of searchers also come to us for our chilli growing advice, so we thought we would expand into what we know best and offer a full range of growing products, such as plant lighting, nutrients and other products designed to help you get the best out of your plants.

Some of our newly added products include the trusted Supernova reflector range, a range of HID ballasts, including the LightWave digital ballast, LightWave T5 grow lights, grow light timers and a range of bulbs and growing accessories.

We hope you enjoy our new ranges and we’re here to offer help and advice at any time. Please check back for more additions soon.


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