Older Brother Buys Grow System

Filed Under (General) by Chilli Willy on 25-05-2013

I have always idolized my elder brother, and so when he brought home one of those grow lights systems, at first I wanted to scold him. He’s a dreamer, and he’s always getting it into his head to start new hobbies, but he never follows through. It’s a major drag, especially when my mom calls me and asks me about him.

Part of me wants to lie on his behalf, the other part just lets it go and give the full true report. Either way, I always feel awful. So when he started unpacking all this stuff he got to start his inside garden, like the soil and the grow boxes and all the other stuff, I thought, dude, are you for real? But he was really excited about it and said how much fun it was going to be to grow a ton of stuff inside. Now, we live together in a small 2 bedroom apartment in the city, so we don’t get to grow anything, so I’m pretty much looking forward to it.

He said he got all the goods at http://www.thelashop.com/. Cool site! The only thing is I wish we had a basement, because the equipment he got takes up a major part of our kitchen. That’s okay though, as we only use the kitchen for heating up leftover pizza, if that. I mean, I love cold pizza. But soon we’ll be able to top the cold pizza with all sorts of delicious things that we grow. I don’t think my brother’s going to get down on that but I sure will. I’m more the gourmet than he is.

At any rate, now when our mom visits, first of all she’s going to be surprised by the redecoration, but she’s also going to be proud of my brother for sticking to something, that is, if he does stick to it! I’ll see that he does, for cold pizza’s sake.

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