A collection of best tips on how to grow chillies successfully

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In addition to our comprehensive growing instructions at http://www.chilli-willy.com/growing-instructions we also recommend the following best tips to ensure success in growing chillies.

To start, seeds must be germinated in a place that is consistently warm, as sometimes low night time temperatures can confuse the seeds and cause erratic germination.

We recommend an optimum temperature between 27-32 degrees C (80.6F approx – 89.6F approx). You can either use a heated propagator or an airing cupboard – anywhere that has a consistently warm temperature.

Alongside this, make sure that your germinating seeds are kept moist but not soggy. The best way to water them is with a spray mister from the garden centre, as this minimises soil disturbance.

After your seedlings have sprouted, move them carefully into a well lit area to get as much sunlight as possible (but not too hot at this stage), and avoid the use of any fertilisers until your plants have at least 3 sets of leaves and look strong.

When watering your plants, you can then begin adding small amounts of a good organic based fertiliser containing seaweed, like Chilli Focus, which we stock in out store.

Chillies like to have their soil dry out before they are watered again as they don’t like to swim!

As you chilli plants get bigger, you’ll need to pot them on, but make sure you choose the next pot size up and not one that is too big – chillies like to outgrow their containers. A good way of checking if your chilli plant is ready to pot on is to observe the bottom of the pot – if the roots are emerging through the drainage holes, then it’s time for a bigger pot.

Chillies are incredible rewarding to grow and are also extremely good for you when used in cooking.

Following these simple tips will help you achieve the best results when growing chillies. You can read more in our comprehensive chilli growing guide.


PS. When it’s frosty, you’ll want to bring your chilli plants indoors!

PPS. Chillies are perennials and will continue to produce fruit for many years if looked after properly. Make sure you read our guide on overwintering chillies for more information and a how to guide.

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